Friday, April 13, 2007

Long Time No Post

It's true. It's been a little while. Not that I don't have anything to say, in fact I'm in information overload. I'm at the Digital Now Conference. Just heard a speaker, Susan Scott, the author of Fierce Conversations who said a few kernels of gold that are obvious but still need to be stated:

1. The conversation is the relationship. If the conversation stops, so does the relationship. Of course, this is why we need CRM and more specifically a CRM strategy. Because we lose relationships ALL the time. There are just too many to maintain in the way that we know how to maintain them. And a handshake or a nod won't cut it anymore.

2. People make decisions for emotional reasons, rather than economical ones. Good thing to note as a health-related charity - or any charity for that reason.

3. "Master the courage to interrogate reality". How many of us do this at work - this is also known as the brutal facts. Well fine, examine them, but don't ignore them.

4. What conversation are we avoiding that we need to have? Good answer from the audience to this one: what are we doing that has no value. Ah. This is the best one. If we really took this approach - examining how we spend our day based on the value of what we are doing - wouldn't we be so much more productive?

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