Friday, February 09, 2007

Citizen-led everything

A quote from today's New York Times:

"This is all being made up as we go along. It is difficult to apply the old ways campaigns were run in late 20th century to this new wide-open citizen-led politics."
SIMON ROSENBERG, of the New Democrat Network, on politicians’ use of the Internet.

This was a reaction to the fact that Edwards has decided to keep "two liberal feminist bloggers" on his staff. If he dismisses them, he could face off with the blogging community - an acknowledgement of their power.

This is timely with regard to my push for both the acknowledgement of this power and also organizational - as well as personal - transparency. The age of a one way conversation is over. People want to be engaged - they want to see behind the curtain. Where is the political reality show? Isn't it time?

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