Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Voicemail vs. Text Debate

To each his own I suppose. I was impressed by the iphone's handling of voice mail message - they render as text on your iphone so you can figure out whether you need to listen to them right away. I would prefer the text myself, but if I had a long commute I can see why I'd probably feel just the opposite. We'll always have the people who would choose to have their email spoken to them our their voicemail read to them - it always comes back to consumer choice. I wonder if soon we'll be opting in to voicemail marketing in addition to text message marketing - and won't they be one in the same?

David Pogue fo the NY Times has an article today called Freedom for Prisoners of Voice Mail where he talks about software to enable the voicemail to email transition to happen. Of course, it was popular in the UK first - as is everything that has to do with the phone.

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Edward Ott said...

Technology can be such a wonderful thing.